©2018 iTech Phone Repair® iTech Phone Repair is an independent phone and gadgets repair shop in Edmond, Oklahoma. We are in no way associated with the brands such as Apple and Samsung or any other Brand listed on the website.

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About Us

At iTech Phone Repair we provide solutions for Mobile and Electronic devices. Our expert technicians have extensive experience and knowledge to diagnose and repair your devices promptly. We specialize in smartphones, tablet repairs, laptop repairs, software issues, unlocking of mobile devices, and data recovery, etc. We love, what we do. We have low prices, reliable repairs and quick turn around time.
Cell Phone Repair, Battery Replacement.
iTech Phone Repair specializes in the fast repair of the Smart Phones, Tablets & Computers.
Quality Parts
We only use quality parts in our repairs because we believe - a repair is as good as the parts used.
Cell Phone Repair